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GMREC: Community Council

Activity Highlights

The 2017 Adult Outreach Calendar of Events is HERE!

This year's lineup includes something for everyone. Fruit trees, honeybees, and even a meat processing workshop. Be sure to click on the link above, print out the Calendar and put it on your 'fridge, so you won't forget.


We have new signs!
Our volunteers have designed new, more educational plant signs for our gardens. Each sign has a photo, cultural and ethnobotanical information. Guided tours of the Ethnobotanic Gardens, Woodland Medicine Trail and Cannery Interpretive Center are held on Mondays from 9 A.M. until 1 P.M., May through September excluding holidays. Please arrive for your tour by 12:30. Our Gardens are ten years old now, and looking great!
new, more informative plant sign

Thanks to our volunteers and donors, who make these valuable programs happen.